Amazon will not resume work with ABX airlines until Pilots promise to not Strike

A week ago, pilots that fly cargo planes for Amazon were forced by a judge to end their strike., Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) has not resumed shipping packages with ABX airlines as they are unsure if the pilots will go on strike again.

“We rebalanced capacity across our carrier partners and we are leaving the adjustments in place until we are certain there will be no further disruptions,” an Amazon spokeswoman confirmed on Thursday night.

Amazon has several airlines contracted and a total of 40 planes that ships packages. Amazon stated that keeping up with annual increases and demand has forced them to build out its own transportation network. Although Amazon is leasing the planes, they are not hiring the pilots to fly them.

Amazon stated that the current situation with ABX Airlines has not affected customers but may increase costs for the quarter due to the change of plans. Almost 250 ABX pilots who are part of a local Teamsters union in Ohio went on strike before Thanksgiving due to an “understaffing crisis”. 8,000 emergency flights were disrupted.

On November 23rd a judge issued a two week temporary order that forced pilots back to work and to negotiate with the airline while working. The two parties have not come to a conclusion and Amazon is scared they may go back on strike with hundreds of their packages delayed to customers.

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