Apple’s New Watch Series 2 Reviews

Apple’s (NASDAQ: AAPL) brand new watch, the Apple Watch Series 2 will soon be available in more than 25 countries. The watch includes a fitness tracker, a brand new fitness-sharing interface, a much more accurate GPS and water resistance.

According to CNBC, it also has a 50% faster processor and new software, Apple has also made the day-to-day conveniences of the smartwatch much more desirable, reviewers write, with third-party apps and a new look that makes scheduling, calling, messaging and payments easier. But the operating system and a faster processor are also coming to the older model. 

The Watch Series 2 is not yet a “must-have,” writers say, as the brighter screen doesn’t yet eliminate the “squint” factor, and you still can’t go completely phone-free. Here are some of the highlights:

The Wall Street Journal

“A 20-minute run with music playing knocked out 20% of my watch battery’s juice,” wrote theJournal’s Joanna Stern. “While there is a bigger battery inside this slightly thicker watch, those who plan to use GPS for a daily jog won’t get longer battery life.” 

“After more than a year, Apple isn’t using my information to push me further. Should I be varying my workouts? Should my heart rate be lower? The future of health tracking is machine learning, and Apple isn’t leading the way,” the Journal says. 

USA Today

“The new Apple Watch ticks closer to being the techie timepiece it was always clocked up to be,” wrote Ed Baig. Functionally and appearance-wise, the new model is a “dead-ringer” for the prior version, he added.

“One of my favorite navigational features comes with the new dock. You can park favorite apps there, making them easier to find and faster to launch.” 

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