Basic Approvals/Permits that you need before Building Construction

Whether it’s a residential building or commercial complex the government requires you as the builder to take certain compulsory approvals or permits before it can sanction the project. Also, real estate is a great avenue for investment and all the income tax rebates make it that much more attractive to prospective investors.

It is important to get the below basic sanctions or approvals from the regulatory authorities before starting construction. Non-approved building constructions and plans that have deviations of more than 5 percent from the approved plan will be subject to heavy fines and penalties.

Here are some of the basic approvals or permits that you will need before starting construction –

  • Land title and clearance – firstly and most importantly you need to get a clear and good title over the land over which you will start building. Make sure all encumbrances are clear and you possess an absolute, clear title over the property without anyone else entitled to a claim over the same land as this could cause legal issues later. This will determine your holdings over all the chains of your property, transfers, and sale of the property.
  • The building plan – the builder should submit a graphical representation or a rough outline or blueprint of what the building will look like post-construction. This is to ensure that the building model and structure complies with the local laws and regulations. And once the building plan has been approved the builder has to start constructing within 2 years of approval without any major deviations from the plan that was pre-approved.
  • Also, you need to check if you are constructing on agricultural or non-agricultural land. Sometimes due to urbanization agricultural land is converted into non-agricultural land that can be used for residential and commercial construction purposes. In that case, you will need to get the necessary approvals to convert the agricultural land into non-agricultural land.
  • The layout approval – you would also need to get your layout plan before commencing building construction. If you construct in an unapproved layout plot the building will not be allowed occupancy by outsiders and these plots will be treated as illegal or unlawful and will attract major penalties and punishments by the municipal and local laws. Also, you will not be allowed approvals for the construction of roads, drainages and street lighting if you don’t get your layout approved first. Lands or layouts that have been divided into smaller plots without obtaining approvals from the necessary authorities is considered illegal.
  • NOC – you will have to obtain a no-objection certificate from the water pollution board and other pollution boards in order to get approval for the sewer and water supply in your area or locality. You might also have to get NOC’s from neighboring properties to ensure that your land or property isn’t encroaching upon the neighboring lands. And for every specific thing that you do you need a separate approval whether it's digging a bore well or installing an elevator in your building. NOC’s are very important before you start construction.

You would also need a building permit that conforms to the standards of the Chicago Building Code. The CBC’s objective is to protect public health, welfare, and safety and make sure the building construction does not go against their policies and standards. Your building project might also require a Standard Plan Review.

Apart from the above stated basic approvals required for any type of building construction, there are 4 types of permits required in Chicago for construction – easy permits, standard plan reviews, developer services and homeowner assistance permits.

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