Breaking News: Cannabis: The New California Gold Rush Brings Expansion to GOHE MoneyTrac’s PotSaver Brand

Global Payout Inc. (OTC: GOHE) is pleased to announce that subsidiary MoneyTrac’s PotSaver brand has expanded its advertising net to include businesses outside of cannabis throughout the communities it serves with the intent of delivering more value to its growing base of patrons and subscribers. To support this expansion, PotSaver is currently engaged in the process of expanding its salesforce to more effectively explore the many different market sectors and ancillary services that can be tied into their publication.

A Cannabis Marketplace Report published by Consumer Research Around Cannabis has reported that there are about 13.7 million adults over the age of 21 in the Los Angeles Greater Metropolitan Area and approximately 5.3 million of those people are cannabis consumers. According to Ackrell Capital, California's legal medical marijuana industry has already topped $3.8 billion, and with the flourishing of new ancillary services in legal support, marketing, business development and many others, it is pushing a massive demand for employees in order to meet the demands of a rapidly expanding consumer marketplace.

Said MTRAC CEO, Vanessa Luna: "PotSaver was initially established to connect consumers throughout the cannabis industry with value-driven deals on the many different products they purchase for both recreational and medicinal purposes. However, as the industry has morphed into the multi-billion-dollar industry it is today, we recognize that this is now, more than ever, a community made up of your everyday consumers who are looking for more than just deals on cannabis products, but who are also eager to find deals on other products and services that are offered by the many different businesses in their local communities, and we are committed to developing PotSaver into a resource they can rely on for all of this."

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