Breaking News: Global Payout, Inc. Launches Supply Chain Finance Logistics Subsidiary – SecurCapital Corp.

Global Payout, Inc.(OTC: GOHE) is pleased to announce the launch of its newly formed logistics subsidiary, SecurCapital Corp. that will focus on logistics supply chain finance. SecurCapital is introducing a disruptive "one-click solution" offering FINTECH services in the underserved Supply Chain Finance marketplace, estimated at $800 billion globally. SecurCapital will offer solutions to logistics companies providing a cloud based business-to-business ("B2B") platform for global payments, FOREX, and AR factoring with secure multi-factor authentication designed to mitigate risk and reduce costs.

"Clearly, there has been a monumental transformation influenced by FINTECH, Blockchain and alternative banking options within the global payment landscape," said Global Payout CEO, James Hancock. "Traditional financial institutions are not positioned to serve global logistics payment requirements for secure access, integrated foreign exchange, and international payments or access to adequate working capital. SecurCapital will be providing a new financial pathway for the global logistics industry. Furthermore, we anticipate SecurCapital will become a significant revenue generator that should strengthen our suite of services and deliver value to the parent company, Global Payout." Mr. Hancock remarked further.

Global Payout has appointed Stephen J. Russell as CEO of SecurCapital Corporation. Mr. Russell is a veteran logistics executive having held CEO, COO, Founder and EVP positions in public and private logistics companies globally. He was an early cloud pioneer managing as the President & CEO of – Asia Pacific (NYSE:CRM) and their launch in the Asia and Australia Region while headquartered 4 years in Singapore.

"We're very excited to launch SecurCapital as a first to market innovative Supply Chain Finance solution set for mid-tier logistics companies. The cold, hard fact is that one-third of the logistics industry still runs on Excel and older legacy in house systems for freight payment. Research shows that there is not only a lack of innovation, but also a lack of understanding of what FINTECH is and its potential impact on the logistics industry" said Russell. "Our aim is to offer the industry Supply Chain Finance solutions designed by actual logistics professionals to reduce cost of payments, FX, improve working capital liquidity, and gain dashboard visibility while leveraging the latest Cloud based FINTECH innovations."

The SecurCapital Platform ("SCP"), which the Company has developed through the technology available in its Global Reserve Platform ("GRP"), is a fully configurable, "banking-in-a-box" cloud-based platform. The overall design is a "closed proprietary ecosystem" (e.g.., intranet) so that each client has maximum control and security over any internal employees, partners, vendors, and contractors for bilateral payments and improved security.

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