Breaking News: SinglePoint Successfully Completes Audit and Starts Process to File Form 10 In Route to Become Fully Reporting

SinglePoint (OTCQB: SING) is pleased to announce the finalization and successful completion of PCAOB corporate audit. SinglePoint has been working side by side with Turner Stone and Company in order to complete the 2016 and 2017 corporate audit and will now take the necessary steps to become fully reporting by filing a Form 10.

Completion of the corporate audit and filing a Form 10 will give SinglePoint access to raise additional capital on better terms for the company. Additionally, the company believes this will open the doors for institutional and family offices to invest in the open market, provide increased investor confidence and improve shareholder value. This will provide the company the means to aggressively continue its acquisition strategy and development of the company’s blockchain and cannabis payment solutions.

“We as management are very excited to have completed the audit. We have already received term sheets from potential capital partners to raise up to $20,000,000 on friendly terms. This is a major step for the company and I am very confident, more so than ever, in the company’s ability to successfully build upon the solid infrastructure we now have. Currently there are three acquisition targets in negotiations. We look forward to closing these deals and continue expansion into the cannabis market,” states Greg Lambrecht CEO SinglePoint.

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