Canadian Zeolite Corp. to Research and Develop CBD and Zeolite Infused Products

Canadian Zeolite Corp. (TSX-V: CNZ.V) (OTCQB: CNZCF) (ZEON.F) announced yesterday that, “it reached an agreement with Isodiol, a Southern California-based hemp Cannabidiol “CBD” innovator. Canadian Zeolite will now be working with Isodiol to research and develop CBD and Zeolite infused products and supplements intended for human and animal consumption.

In Isodiol’s state of the art facilities in Southern California, the zeolite will be micronized maintaining its optimal cell structure to be combined with hemp derived CBD and other adaptogenic herbs. This will then be infused into a complete line of products designed towards human consumption, including a full line of anti-aging skin care products as well as products designed for animal consumption.

Isodiol’s Chief Operating Officer, Troy Nihart, stated, “Isodiol is looking forward to introducing these new products to the marketplace. Zeolite as an additive, has tremendous potential especially with its detoxification properties. We feel there is an undiscovered zeolite market which we can develop and are very excited to begin a partnership with Canadian Zeolite.”

Ray Paquette, Chief Executive Officer for Canadian Zeolite stated, “We are looking forward to working with Isodiol who is at the forefront of developing and marketing consumer based CBD products. We are excited to implement our natural zeolite into Isodiol’s already successful product lines which will bring immediate value to our shareholders.”

About Isodiol: Isodiol, along with its team of collaborators, is a group of companies that together grow and harvest hemp on an industrial scale, and then process it to extract the non-psychoactive cannabidiol CBD to the highest available purity for worldwide distribution. By utilizing one of the world’s largest hemp farms, Isodiol and its partners are the choice for industrial volumes of high-grade, non-psychoactive CBD. Pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic companies worldwide have gained market share due to Isodiol’s products. For more information, visit To follow Isodiol online, visit Isodiol’s website at, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

About Canadian Zeolite: Canadian Zeolite Corp. is an environmentally friendly Green Tech business well suited to today’s economic environment. The Company has a competitive advantage in the world of zeolites given its product has been tested, applied and exceeds the standards of specific markets. The Company is working with dedicated global advisers recognized as leaders in zeolite use.

Canadian Zeolite Corp. (CNZ.V) shares are up roughly a whopping 2,300% from its 52 week low of $.08 to a recent high of $1.95. Shares closed yesterday at $1.74.

Canadian Zeolite Corp. (OTCQB: CNZCF) the U.S. listing shares are up also roughly 2,300% from a 52 week low of $.06 to a high of $1.45.


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