Canadian Zeolite Research Collaboration with the University of Northern British Columbia and the University of Havana

Canadian Zeolite Corp. (TSX-V: CNZ.V) (OTCQB: CNZCF) (ZEON.F) is pleased to announce it is currently exploring research collaboration opportunities with the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) in cooperation with the University of Havana (UH), which specializes in zeolite science, technology, research and product development.

Canadian Zeolite CEO, Ray Paquette stated, “we are excited to be working with UNBC known as Canada’s Green University and UH which has a long history in zeolite research and development. Their knowledge and experience provides the Company with a leading edge and competitive advantage in zeolite product development.”

Northern Analytical Lab Services (NALS) at UNBC will conduct tests and evaluate Canadian Zeolite’s natural zeolite opportunities. NALS will develop new value-added products as well as explore potential new applications of the Company’s natural zeolite for animal husbandry, forestry and agricultural industries.

UNBC will provide the oversight to carry out research and development on projects related to the characterization, modification and testing of properties for Canadian Zeolite’s products as an active ingredient for animal husbandry (e.g. animal feed additive), agricultural (e.g. yield and health enhancement) and forestry applications (e.g. soil remediation and growth enhancement).

UNBC, UH and Canadian Zeolite research staff are exploring opportunities for zeolite related R&D projects. This collaboration between the Company and these two Universities provide complementary expertise on zeolite production, research and development. Canadian Zeolite is committed to becoming the largest producer and processor of zeolite and zeolitic products for national and international markets.

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