China Criticized by Trump after Taiwan War of Words

During a rally held in Iowa, Donald Trump, the President-elect of the United States, criticized China’s economic policies. He also insisted that US-China relations must improve and the latter must do something to tackle the threat posed by North Korea. The President-elect told his audience that the relation between the United States and China is extremely important and repeatedly stressed that it is imperative the US should improve ties with the Asian country.

Tough on China

Trump promised his audience that the US administration under him will be tough on China. He alleged that China has not followed international laws and the time has come for them to start. He went on further to say that the country has actively participated in intellectual property theft and imposed unfair taxes on US companies. The President-elect also alleged that China has engaged in product dumping and currency devaluation.

Interestingly, neither the International Monetary Fund or US Treasury Department has viewed China as a manipulator of currency. The World Trade Organization states that Chinese tariffs on the imported goods are usually more than the US tariffs. The rally where Trump spoke was one stop of a “thank you tour” where the now President-elect is expressing gratitude to the states which have put him as the most powerful person in the world.

US policy on China

President-elect Donald Trump has already selected the next American ambassador to China, Terry Branstad, the Governor of Iowa. He announced Branstad’s posting on-stage. Trump also said that Branstad has always resisted him from saying anything negative concerning China, in Ohio. The reason, Trump told his audience, for such advice is that Branstad has a number of friends in China. He and Xi Jinping, the Chinese President, enjoy a long lasting friendship going back 30 years. The Governor of Iowa went to China more than six times. Xi, from his end, has visited Iowa twice.

Trump, for his part, has criticized China many times during the presidential campaign. The newly minted US head of state drew sharp diplomatic protest from the Asian country during the first week of December when he spoke on the telephone with the Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen. Taiwan is considered by China as a rogue province. The coming Trump administration, scheduled to take office in January, is expected to concentrate on the rules of purchasing American goods and hiring American workers. The president will pressure companies not to shift jobs to other countries.

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