Coca-Cola Co Achieved a Major Environmental Millstone

The Coca-Cola Co (NYSE: KO) has announced Monday that it has achieved a major environmental millstone by achieving water replenishing goals the company was hoping to achieve by 2020.

The beverage company together with its bottling partners was participating in 248 community projects across 71 different countries, and has successfully returned an estimated 191.9 billion liters of water to the Earth, which is about 115% of the water used in the company’s beverages last year.

Coca-Cola was criticized for its intensive water usage. In 2007 an anti-poverty group launched a shaming campaign to bring attention this issue. The campaign’s slogan was “Coca-Cola: Drinking the world dry.” It worked, as the company started to aggressively participate in community projects around the world.

The Coca-Cola CEO Muhtar Kent, said in a statement, “Every time a consumer drinks a Coca-Cola product, they can have confidence that our company and bottling partners are committed to responsible water use today and tomorrow.”

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