CoinPayments: ICO CPS Coin Offers Reward Incentives

CoinPayments, a cloud wallet solution, is making the checkout system for cryptocurrencies even more efficient and convenient for its users with its new CPS Marketplace along with its very own integrated coin, CPS Coin.

The Canadian-based company was founded back in August 2013 and had a mission to make payment solutions much more efficient. As cryptocurrency became more and more popular, CoinPayments drew in over one million users from over 182 countries.

CPS Coin is a utility token used within CoinPayments framework based off the Syscoin blockchain. The coin utilizes Syscoin Z-DAG “zero confirmation” transaction technology, allowing merchants and users to receive payments instantly without having to wait for a confirmation.

Users can purchase CPS Coins from their CoinPayment accounts at a rate of 0.10 euros per coin. Last week, CoinPayments launched a promotion that allowed users to purchase two coins for the price of one. The promotion will last for the next 45 days or until supply runs out.

Merchants and users will also benefit from 50% discounted conversions between CPS Coin to other supported CoinPayments cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin. CoinPayment’s hosted ICO participation also starts May 4.

CoinPayment will also reward users with 100 CPS coins, on top of earning an additional 25 coins per users invited until August 1. The company is also rewarding up to 25% more CPS annually for those that stake their coins, but many investors were skeptical of the highly rewarding and promising payouts.

“We’ve ran the numbers and our customer acquisition cost is approximately $15.00. Instead of paying marketing teams, advertising firms, sales consultants and a small city of affiliate marketers, we are just going to pass that savings on to you. That way you can take advantage of the system, make a bit of money and we can save too!” said CoinPayments in a statement.

All the coins received through early promotions cannot be withdrawn or converted until after July 1.

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