Facebook Criticized fro Not Fighting Fake News

Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) was criticized during and after the election in the United States on claims that the social media platform failed to combat fake news posts, some of which have been quite popular. Facebook declined that the fake news had substantial effects on the election in the U.S. Now the same criticism comes from Germany, also ahead of an election.

German politicians attacked Facebook for not doing enough on fighting against fake news stories circulating on the platform’s news feed. Eva-Maria Kirschsieper, Facebook’s chief lobbyist in Germany defended the company, claiming that Facebook takes its responsibilities seriously but can’t paint publishers with a broad brash as it may hurt freedom of speech, Bloomberg reports.

Many of the fake news in Germany are regarding Chancellor Angela Merkel and her open-door policy toward refugees.

Volker Kauder, Merkel’s top lieutenant in parliament, said in a statement, “Social media especially have in recent years become a place where the political opponent is to be dishonored repeatedly every day… Insults, denunciations and libel are commonplace, and we can’t accept this.”

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