Fake Credit Card Ring Busted

The fear of identity theft looms large in the minds of anyone who reads the news; by now, it has been established that it can be very easy for criminals to effectively steal someone’s identity and all of their assets before detection. Often, when people find out about identity theft, it is too late and the money stolen cannot be retrieved for years, if ever.  

In another chilling report of identity theft, two women were arrested in Clarksville Indiana and are currently in Clark County Jail for perpetuating and running a highly successful fake credit card ring. The women’s modus operendi was to buy iPhones with the stolen credit cards, fence them and sell them for cash, and then load the cash on to different gift cards which they would then use for their own purchases.

Interestingly enough, the police have found that the two women are not friends; in fact, they only met each other less than a week ago. The Secret Service has been called in to investigate this case, especially because all the credit cards and licenses have the names of real people, people whose identities these women stole.

The Clarksville police were able to apprehend these women with the help of an Uber driver.

The chain of events that led to the women’s arrest is as follows:

According to reports, DeAnna Moody and Ceia Stewart were staying at a hotel called the Candlewood Suites. Due to unverified reasons, perhaps cold feet, DeAnna Moody attempted to get away from Ceia Stewart and called an Uber driver to help escape. Stewart, unhappy with this turn of events, followed the Uber in a black Kia. The driver, noticing both Moody’s agitation as well as the following Kia, flashed his lights at the Clarksville police to indicate that something was very wrong. The police were thus able to stop both cars and apprehend both women.

The Clarksville police believe that the ring is based in Atlanta, Georgia, and have hence handed the reins of the investigation over to the Secret Service to find out more about the scam, and hopefully find some restitution for the victims.

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