Google to Take iPhone Head on

There has been a number of reports over the last few months concerning Google’s keenness to build its own smartphone. Even though the company has its Nexus program to showcase what its Android platform can offer, it is forced to compromise on hardware.

Total grip

One of the few reasons of the iPhone’s unalloyed success is Apple’s viser grip on both software and hardware parts of the phone business. This extreme control exerted by the Cupertino based company makes it much easier for it to optimize resources. Apple developers also suffer less infamous “fragmentation” issues that are present in Android.

Google is quick to make the Android platform not only an excellent platform alternative to the iOS, but a superb operating system on its own. In fact, many users rate Android better than iOS. However, it is extremely hard to locate a handset which perfectly runs the software’s full capabilities.

Android has a number of advantages- like multiple choices being provided every year. However, compromises done by OEMs like forcing their infamous “skins” have repelled many buyers. This has compelled a number of Android fans to follow the Nexus route, where Android phones run as they were intended by Google, but whose multiple iterations had something which users complain about.


Among the Android phones, the Huawei made Nexus 6P was a superlative smartphone and to some, the best phone available on the market. Phones like the Galaxy 7 have skins which bettered on the “vanilla” offering made by Google and users hope that the next phone will herald in a new generation of smartphones.

It is common knowledge that Google is attempting to do precisely this through Ara, its innovative modular phone. However, the company is in discussion to bring out a “canonical” premium phone to tackle the iPhone. The focus is to capture the creamy layer of the market (read Apple customers).

According to Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, the company would be more in control concerning Nexus devices in future-and continue to partner third party manufacturers. However, reports in the media suggest that full Google smartphones will be available in the near future. As per the media report, Google is in discussions with a few mobile operators so that Cupertino can release a particular Google branded phone that will push the company towards hardware. Google is all set to release a minimum of two “Nexus” devices.

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