Gotham Ballers Inc. Crowdfunding part of Champions Basketball League continues to make noise

Champions is an off-season ad summer basketball league that is comprised of players straight out of the NBA. Players compete in a league of their own.  New York Gotham Ballers is one of 16 teams in Champions Basketball League and is starting to make noise as one of the fastest growing crowdfunding companies.  259 investors have contributed over $95,809, with a minimum investment of $140 you can be an investor too.  Contributors can invest in six different packages that include different perks to being a team owner, where investing over $25,000 is the highest tier.  The Gotham Ballers Inc. Crowdfunding page can be found here:

According to Joseph Hogue at StreetAuthority, “billionaires in Forbes’ annual list of the richest people in the world, their idea of fun – or prestige, at least – is owning a professional sports team.” “Early investors in the Gotham Ballers include an impressive list of venture capital and sports franchise investors,” Hogue said. Hogue’s coverage can be found here:

You can track Gotham Baller’s crowdfunding progress through Financial Buzz’s previous coverage at:

The Champions Basketball League is setting their sights on a summer 2017 launch, where former NBA players battle it out.  There will be a championship in September, where the winning team takes $1 million.  Game tickets are priced from $17.50 to $45.  The games will also be aired on ESPN.  See what the public is saying now about Gotham Ballers Inc. Part of Champions League Inc.

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