Health Canada Approves Cell MedX Corp. (OTC: CMXC) Observational Clinical Trial

Cell MedX Corporation (OTC: CMXC) has received approval from Health Canada to begin its observational clinical trial in Canada.

Ebalance technology is intended to expand the traditional healthcare model of diabetes management by enabling patients to manage their symptoms using a biosignal generating device that can easily be incorporated into any lifestyle.

Cell MedX has previously announced that they have engaged Nutrasource Diagnostics Inc. (“NDI”) to launch an observational clinical trial of its technology branded under the name eBalance (the “Trial”). The trial will determine the impact of eBalance therapy as a treatment on HbA1c after three months of therapy that will be compared to the subject’s baseline data and medical history. The trial will also assess the effect of eBalance therapy on insulin resistance and sensitivity including complications such as: kidney function, blood pressure, wound healing, diabetic nauropathy, diabetic foot pain and numbness.

The trial will be conducted in a research facility in Hamilton, Ontario where the company will follow a detailed protocol that Health Canada has approved. The study is currently awaiting approval from the Ethics Boards which is expected to be received during the first week of February 2017. CEO & President of Cell MedX, Frank McEnulty stated: “I am very excited to receive the approval from Health Canada in that it allows us to further advance research of our eBalance technology as well as its effects on both diabetes and diabetic complications.”

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