Hillary Clinton Widens Lead Over Donald Trump

The 2016 Presidential race is not out of the wood yet though we are seeing some clarity on who might become president when President Obama leaves office next year. Two recent polls have placed Hillary Clinton, the Democratic party nominee in a comfortable lead over her Republican rival, Donald Trump.

A Washington Post and ABC News poll, released on Sunday gave Ms. Clinton a good 12 point lead (standing at 51-39) over Donald Trump. Interestingly, the same survey had placed the two candidates at a statistical tie last month. The main reason for the jump in Ms. Clinton’s numbers seems to be the growing unease with Donald Trump’s candidature.

Trump remains deeply unpopular with the electorate

Three out of four people polled said that Donald Trump was unqualified to be President, were anxious about the thought of him becoming President and did not like his comments about Muslims, women and his repeated attacks on a federal judge, over the latter’s heritage.

Earlier, Donald Trump had slammed federal judge, Gonzalo Curiel who is presiding over the Trump University case. He said, the judge couldn’t be unbiased in the case because Trump wanted to build a wall on the border with Mexico and this conflicted with the judge’s Mexican ancestry. The judge’s parents were Mexican immigrants but he himself grew up in Indiana.

Some top GoP member have already broken with the party over Trump’s candidature, George Will being one of them. George Will is a famous Republican commentator. He said that Trump was endorsed by House Speaker Paul Ryan even after he has disparaged the judge. He said he did not like it, prompting him to change his registration to ‘unaffiliated’.

Why Ms. Clinton’s lead may be smaller in reality

However, the result of the poll is not consistent. A second poll conducted by the Wall Street Journal and NBC News came to the conclusion that the race was actually closer than predicted by the Washington Post/ABC News poll. This second poll gave Ms. Clinton a five percent lead over her competitor. Even that is not confirmed because if you factor in third party candidates from the Green Party and Libertarian Party, Ms. Clinton’s lead cuts down to just 1%.

Trump is unpopular but the skeletons in Ms. Clinton’s closet are also holding her down. No doubt, Trump is aware of where he stands, given the shrewd businessman that he is. He has already fired his campaign manager after receiving flak over the lack of organization in his campaign and lack of funds to continue with the campaign.

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