HouseHappy Raise Cash, Gets New CEO

A new Chief Executive Officer has joined the HouseHappy team and the real estate search specialist based in Portland is now getting ready for important new features. Fresh funding has also arrived to continue the development of the portal. The start-up has attracted $1.3 million funding during the earlier days of August. Fidelity National Financial is among its investor list.

HouseHappy and CEO

HouseHappy’s new CEO is David Manougian, who held the same post at Golf Channel before this stint. Manougian is himself a native of Portland. He takes the place of Kevin McCloskey, the founder and also the former CEO of HouseHappy. The latter will be present in the new administrative structure as a consultant.

HouseHappy is essentially a photo centric search tool for real estate. At present, this platform includes a marketplace catering to professionals. It could range from agents to contractors. Lenders can also list their services. The aim of HouseHappy management is to model itself as a one stop shopping destination for individuals and families to not only find a home, but also maintaining it.

HouseHappy was started in 2013 and presently lists more than two million properties. Listings can be uploaded by real estate agents for free. Buyers can access agent contact and property data without paying any fees. The company is one of many in a saturated real estate space dominated by biggies like  Move Inc., Zillow and Redfin. Its list of competitors also includes other start-ups like BuildersCloud, Lasso, Surefield, Flipt and

Packed market

All the start-ups are trying to break the online real estate industry in a number of ways. There is, however, an excessive number of competitors in this field. Both Move Inc. and Zillow have displayed a wish to buy companies, and it can be surmised that many of them are waiting for a suitable acquisition offer. Manougian said that he joined the company due to its talent level and also for the opportunity it offers for a special customer experience.

Manougian had earlier assisted in building a number of companies and said that the timing is perfect for taking HouseHappy to its next stage. This forward action is now possible as the team closed a funding round collecting $1.3 million. The company has received investment from the investment wing of Fidelity National Financial, the Fidelity National Financial Ventures. The parent company is one of the biggest title companies in America. 


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