Hurricane Matthew Slams into Haiti with Strong Winds and Rain

Hurricane Matthew slammed into Haiti’s southern coast, destroying homes and making livestock fly as well as deterring transportation off track. Winds got up to 145 miles per hour with devastating rain. The storm was labeled a Category 4 hurricane. The hurricane struck around 7 a.m. on the southwestern tip of Haiti.

Destructive Force of Matthew

Felled trees, roofs destroyed, and demolished farms were just the beginning. “Thank God our neighbors came to save us,” said Daphne Thelma, a resident of Les Cayes, one of the hardest-hit towns on the southern coast. “We lost all our crops, and have nothing left.” A spokeswoman (Adassa Romilus) for Heifer International said “shelters couldn’t withstand the force of the hurricane.”

Children’s Lives and Well-being Threatened

Millions of children are threatened by the hurricane. “This is the worst storm Haiti has seen in decades, and the damage will no doubt be significant,” said Marc Vincent, the Unicef representative in Haiti. “Waterborne diseases are the first threat to children in similar situations. Our first priority is to make sure children have enough safe water.”

The hurricane “has the potential to be a big setback for years of efforts to bring cholera under control,” Ms. Pearl said. “The people here have just been pushed down by one thing after another.”

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