Jin the MC – An Inside Look at the Rapper

Exclusively from Financial Buzz, please watch and listen to Jin the MC speak about the release of his new album, XIV:LIX, and his career in the music industry and how his life has transformed since entering the music scene.

MC Jin describes his latest album as the “most authentic” album he has produced to date. With the intention of creating an album that depicted his life and career, MC Jin created XIV: LIX. 

MC Jin did not take the conventional route that artists normally journeyed through when he began producing his new album. Rather than starting off with an absorbent amount of funding provided by a major label company, MC Jin sought funding through the crowd funding window of PledgeMusic.

Through the use of PledgeMusic’s crowd funding platform, MC Jin was able to achieve his funding goal through the help of his supporters. With only 79 days until the debut of XIV: LIX, MC Jin’s supporters had already raised 106% of that original target. And by the album’s debut, MC Jin had received 143% of his original goal in donations.

PledgeMusic also acted as a great marketing platform for MC Jin. It provided a gateway for MC Jin’s supporters to actually be a part of his production process. Being an Asian American music artist and constantly juggling the different demographics between the Eastern and Western hemisphere, MC Jin was able to witness the excitement that his supporters, old and new, were feeling about the release of his new album.

Please watch and listen as Jin goes into detail about the creation of his new album, the transformations and discoveries that has occurred in his life since beginning his career and advice he has to offer to future artists.

His album titled XIV:LIX can be downloaded on iTunes for $10.99 or purchase a hard copy of the album at mcjin.com.


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