Legalized Sports Betting Might Be a Reality Under the Trump Administration

With the Trump Administration in play now, there is a growing belief in the casino sectors that Trump will legalize sports betting within the USA. According to Geoff Freeman, President of the pro-casino AGA (American Gaming Association) trade group, Trump’s business associations with the gaming industry is a good sign for the casino business.

Freeman stated that sports-betting is likely to see a better phase and to support his view; he cited the growing support from team owners and television broadcasters towards repealing PASPA. PASPA stands for Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act; an act implemented in 1992 that restricts sport betting to a select few states, namely, Delaware, Oregon, Montana, and Nevada. However, only Delaware and Nevada allow it.

Like Freeman, many others cite Trump’s past ownership of a casino as a good sign for the future of gambling in the US. However, Trump himself has spoken very little about the issue. The best possible evidence of Trump’s support towards gambling that we have now is a statement he made in an interview with Colin Cowherd, a Fox Sports Radio Host.

When asked about his stance on fantasy sports and gambling, Trump replied that he was okay with it since people are indulging in it anyway. He added that sports betting continued despite the existence of PASPA, implying that it really made no difference.

Events in the recent past also indicate a growing acceptance towards sports betting. For instance, in 2014, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver called for its legalization. Similarly, many MLB, NFL, NBA, and NHL owners have partnered with fantasy sports businesses such as DraftKings and FanDuel. These entities are considered to be illegal in multiple states.

The American Gaming Association is one of the pro-gambling groups that are very optimistic about the future of sports gambling under Trump’s rule.  The group is even believed to have mailed a memo to Trump’s team persuading the President to voice his support for sports betting. 

The association also spoke to Yahoo Finance, where they stated that a $150 billion illegal sports betting market was unsustainable and that they would work with Trump and the newly elected Congress to change things.

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