Louisiana Scurries for More Funds

The state of Louisiana has been in the news several times in the recent years, especially considering the kind of attention the previous state governor Bobby Jindal has attracted for running for President. This southern state of the United States of America has largely been a conservative state that has most often opposed the Democrats in the federal government, however, after one of the longest times, the state has taken a new direction by voting into power a Democrat as the state governor. The new Louisiana state governor swept to power after Bobby Jindal’s term, and has also taken on various problems that had plagued the state of Louisiana for a long time now.

The crisis

The state of Louisiana has battled with its health care system for the quite some time now, and had still consistently voted along party lines to keep the Affordable Healthcare Act out of the state. Louisiana had lobbied along with various other free market insurance companies to try to filibuster and impede state execution of the Affordable Healthcare Act at every stage. The situation in the state has been problematic ever since. The state incurred several huge amounts of debts in their healthcare system, and couldn’t provide basic medical services to the people of the state.

John Bel Edwards, is the recently elected state governor who has been pushing tirelessly for the overhaul and reform in the health care system of the state. The state is over a billion dollars under-funded, and  has been trying extremely hard to raise funds for the system through federal and private funding. This effort has paid off in many ways ever since governor john Edwards was sworn in,  the battle however, still has a long way to go as there is still a very large amount of fund that is still required to be able to facilitate the health care system.

Austerity drives

The state of Louisiana is short of funding by a little over 600 million dollars for its Affordable Healthcare Act to succeed. The current efforts of the state have managed to raise over a billion dollars, but that amount of funding covers just two thirds of the cost. The state is now scurrying at last the moment to attempt to raise the funds through various schemes to get the required funds in place. Critics claim that the implementation of the Affordable Care Act is imperative to enable a smooth functioning system within the state.

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