Nintendo’s Pokemon GO soon to spread

Nintendo Co Ltd’s Pokemon GO’s head developer said they plan on launching the mobile game in 200 countries and regions “relatively soon.” This hugely successful game is sweeping the world and is expanding quickly. Not only so they want to expand, Nintendo also wanted to strengthen its current servers and server capacity.

John Hanke, chief executive of Niantic, said, “Why limit it?” His comments allowed Nintendo’s share to increase another 10%. Ever since the release of the game, the shares have skyrocketed about 86%, adding a $17 billion market value.

Pokemon GO has only been released in a few countries but it is confirmed that it will be releasing in Japan very shortly; they also have plans to release it in South Korea but there are a few problems such as Google maps being restricted due to North Korea’s security issues. Although this is the case, Hanke said, “There are solutions to that.” Niantic is currently working on the mapping issues.

Niantic is also considering on introducing a sponsorship program where it designates the sponsors’ stores in the game. The sponsors would pay per customer visit. They have a similar program with Ingress, another reality game created by Niantic, where they currently have eight corporate sponsors. The company said the numbers are likely to be similar with Pokemon GO.

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