Samsung’s Next Smartphone Likely VR Focus

After Samsung’s exploding Galaxy Note7 fiasco, the South Korean Company is looking forward to the Galaxy S8, next years anticipated smartphone. Rumors about the device suggest that the S8 will be built with the powerful graphic chip made by ARM, the Mali-G71.

The chip’s features are impressive, including a 4K resolution screen. The chip also reinforces speculation that the Samsung’s next smartphone will come with heavy virtual reality features.

Samsung has some experience with VR already. The Galaxy S6 and S7 both have the technology for VR purposes. The devices can be inserted into VR headsets. Samsung is partnering with Facebook’s (NASDAQ: FB) Oculus, which has designed a VR headset specifically for Smartphones of the latest generations.   

The Galaxy Note 7 costs Samsung not just a lot of money, but also reputation. If the company’s VR push for the next phone will prove itself productive, Samsung hopes to regain the reputation it had built for many years. Virtual reality is a segment that is expected to become more mainstream over time, and expectation from the emerging technology sector are high. 

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