Talk Show Host Kimmel Alleges Sen. Cassidy Lied to Him

Jimmy Kimmel, celebrated talk show host, did not hold back his rage when he spoke about the new healthcare bill introduced by the Senate. He was specifically scathing about the US Senator Bill Cassidy. He alleged that the Senator was a blatant liar. Explaining his stance, he said that a few months after his son underwent an open heart surgery, a Louisiana Senator named Bill Cassidy came to his show, and in the host's own words, was not honest about what he said at that time.

The Jimmy Kimmel Test

Kimmel explained that Senator Cassidy conjured up a 'Jimmy Kimmel Test'. According to the talk show host, the test at that time was a scheme that no family will be refused medical care, be it an emergency one or not, simply as they could not afford to pay for it. Kimmel said that Cassidy agreed to such a condition. The latter even said that a healthcare bill that gets a child the much needed adequate amount of coverage independent of how much money the child's parents make will only be supported.

Right after the Kimmel interview in May 2017, Senator Cassidy spoke to another media house- the CNN- about a distinct healthcare bill which he had then just introduced. The bill was co-sponsored with the US Senator Susan Collins. The new bill was not like Graham-Cassidy bill, a document which would have avoided the lifetime coverage limits. Protection would also be extended to those suffering from a number of pre-existing conditions.

Bill fail

Kimmel, on his September 19 show, explained that the new bill that was proposed during the second week of September by the US Senator Lindsay Graham and Cassidy actually will pass the Jimmy Kimmel Test only if the child is of Jimmy Kimmel's.

The talk show host relentlessly attacked Cassidy, saying that the Louisiana Senator not only failed his Kimmel test but also the 'Bill Cassidy test'. In a verbal attack lasting seven minutes, Kimmel pointed out that those members of Congress who wanted to push through the legislation are trying to confuse the US public with a flood of irrelevant information. Kimmel claimed that most members of Congress are not going to read the bill before they pass it, comparing it to a standard iTunes service agreement. He repeatedly said that Cassidy lied in front of him.

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