Teacher Offered Early Retirement Out of Context

A recent ongoing scandal in the department that handles the retirement services has become national news in the United States of America. A middle school teacher has been offered an early retirement offer supposedly to suggest that she is ineffective and needs to leave the service as soon as possible. The teacher has taken a personal offense to the retirement offer as she mentioned that she was suggested to leave even though she did not apply for retirement at all, and does not plan to retire any time soon. This has created a ruckus within the school management as well.

An unintended message

The school has yet to offer an official apology to the teacher, but rumors state that an unofficial apology has been rendered which should suffice for the matter as it was not serious nor intended. The teacher claims that there were several other teachers who matched the same profile within the organization, and none of them were offered such a disgraceful offer. The teacher claims that this was an act of discrimination and was aimed at her personally. While officials are yet to figure out the core of the issue,  an uneasy settlement has been concluded on according to many inside sources.

The United States of America’s federal retirement system has been actively trying to incentivise people to retire earlier in order to allow a larger intake of a younger work force in to the nations’ economy. This has also included monetary incentives which is trying to get middle aged people to quit their services. In this case however, the teacher in question was a little below the age bracket, and the suggestive offer seemed to have been disrespectful. The review process is still ongoing and they are expected to reach a consensus soon.

The official line

The standard line held by the authorities and the school is still that of ‘no offense intended’. America’s school systems are still suffering from a massive hit that they faced due to massive spending schemes that could not yield much result. Many states have begun or have already started considering raising the state corporate tax rate substantially in order to fund the school system. There is still a major funding problem that has dogged the education system in America. The teachers unions have also been adamant in their demands over the past few years.

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