Tech community in NY gets new base

Alicia Glen, New York City’s Deputy Mayor, has announced a $250 million 254,000 square foot project in the city’s downtown area. Dubbed 14th @Irving, it is only a few steps away from Union Square. If everything goes as per schedule, the project will start in 2018. There will be a number of meeting spaces and classrooms on lower floors. The higher floors will enclose flexible office space made especially for start-ups and similar. There will be a food hall at street level. It will be populated by New York centric start-up vendors. Urbanspace will manage this area.


For the city authorities, this project represents an opportunity to craft a central meeting point for networking and also technology training for professionals. She hopes that it will assist young companies. In an interview, she asserted that her office is focused on talent and space. She said that business leaders have repeatedly told her that there are not many talented professionals out there to fill such jobs.

Such a working space is sorely needed for New York City. The technology community presently leads what can be termed a nomadic existence. Meetups are held within start-up lounges scattered with pizza. Incubators operate out of cubicles which mostly remain empty. The opportunities for learning, finding work and making connections are frequently hidden in the corridor connecting Chelsea, Flatiron District and Union Square.

Trying for a new age

New York City is clearly trying hard. The metropolis has made quite a progress when it comes to training its residents for technology jobs. These efforts will be further accelerated with the construction of 14th @ Irving. Glen said there are talented students not only at premium colleges, but also in the not so famous ones. She said that it would be wonderful if students from local colleges could get jobs in premier technology companies like Facebook and Goldman Sachs. She said that every student must have a chance to excel.

Civic Hall, the anchor tenant of the property, has teamed up with developer RAL is entrusted with managing a number of education partners. These include Coalition for Queens and the General Assembly. Andrew Rasiej, the founder of Civic Hall and Chief Executive Officer, said that the idea is to make a complete and integrated innovation hub. The position of the hub at the center of the central innovation district of New York City will permit all New Yorkers the opportunity to engage and develop digital skills.

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