The Buzz Surrounding Sixty North Gold Mining Ltd. (OTCQB:SXNTF) (CSE: SXTY)

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  1. melvin georges 6 months ago

    umm what happened was looking strong, gold market is hurting now because equities markets are red hot

    • Geoffrey Ramirez 4 months ago

      Markets are a crashing, is this the beginning of the 60% market correction???

      • Timothy Pena 4 months ago

        could be, the gold market is seeing a push as recent bearish trend has taken over in the market. What I’m wondering is will Trump take the blame for this??

        • Daniel Mirkin 4 months ago

          gold has been active the last few trading sessions, looking to trade as volatility holds

          • William Velmer 4 months ago

            Tentative Signs Of Life In The Price Of #Gold. May see more action next week

          • Stephan Dooley 4 months ago

            What a time to have a “Steep Dipping Main Vein” of gold! World heading into a quagmire of debt induced problems. Failed policies such as QE in the USA and now QT to sink the Emerging Markets! Catastrophic end result but not for PM’s! Bet Au will reach many thousands dollars/Oz!

  2. Bryson 5 months ago

    Gold is under pressure in recent months as expectation of higher interest rate and strong dollar.

    • Shirley M. 4 months ago

      central-bank purchases of gold have increased as there has been a decline in gold value

      • Jacob Sachs 4 months ago

        Gold rose 1 percent on Tuesday to its highest level in over three months as the dollar weakened and global stock markets tumbled, with rising political and economic uncertainties adding to bullion’s appeal.

    • Alvin Patrelli 4 months ago

      Sentiment for gold should improve given the risk rising in the equity market,

      • David Morgan 2 months ago

        Why gold is being accumulated from $1175 to $1250 the last 3 months but they will all be forced to sell when dollar index spikes more. Commodity bear market is not over. It has several more years to go.

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