Trump’s first days in White House

President Donald J. Trump stated that he would be attending Washington’s National Prayer Breakfast on February 2. Sean Spicer, the spokesperson of the White House announced the president’s intention of visiting the yearly event where prominent dignitaries, politicians and faith leaders congregate. The function has a distinguished history, dating back to Eisenhower times. Politics is generally not discussed during the event.

Ivanka Trump and Chinese New Year Celebrations

Washington’s Chinese Embassy received Ivanka Trump, US President Donald J. Trump’s daughter for its Chinese New Year celebrations. She was escorted by Cui Tiankai, the Chinese Ambassador to the United States. Ivanka walked in with her daughter. She watched traditional Chinese performances, including the one done by all female group attired in yellow, green and blue gowns. It was later followed by male dancing troupe juggling hats while standing on top of each other in a pyramid formation. Earlier, Ivanka had visited Delaware with the President to honor the remains of a United States Navy Seal killed during a Yemen raid.

Trump on Martin Luther King Jr.

President Trump continues to complain concerning a wrong report of him removing a Martin Luther King Jr. bust from Oval Office. He hosted a listening session exclusively for African American History Month. The President gave fulsome praise to the icon of civil rights. He also termed the report which said that he had removed the statue a “disgrace”. This error was later acknowledged by the concerned reporter. He said that his view of the bust was obstructed by a door and an agent of the Presidential Secret Service. The reporter briefly entered the room post Trump swore in to the presidency.

Voting patterns and targeting of US citizens

President Trump claimed that he did better in African-American community compared to candidates during previous years. This claim is partially true. The New Yorker received about eight percent of vote, a little better than the six percent of Romney when the latter competed against former President Barack Obama.

The Trump administration has clarified that the policy of targeting US citizens in the terror related strikes has remained the same from the time of the Obama administration. An official attached to the White House referred reporters to a statement made by Eric Holder, the former Attorney General. The latter gave an example of three possible scenarios where a US citizen can be legally targeted. It cited Holder and said that the Trump administration can do it if the government believes that the person concerned can mount attacks against the US.

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