Vinergy Resources Ltd./ MJ BioPharma New Developments

Vinergy Resources Ltd./ MJ BioPharma (CSE: VIN) (CSE: VIN.CN) is a cannabis technology company. The company’s expertise lies in extractions and custom formulations, with the aim to develop and in-license best in class technologies and products for the medicinal and recreational markets, both in domestic and international markets.

The company develops new, effective and precise cannabinoid, terpene and THC medicines as well as recreational products. Currently MJ BioPharma advancing research to study the full potential of cannabis compounds and therapies to deliver pharmaceutical quality to the industry’s patient care givers. The solutions the company provides backed up by plant science expertise.

MJ BioPharma’s verticals include BioMED – Extract oils, Labs & Vaporizer Delivery Systems, BioLIFE – Nutraceutical and Medicinal Health Products, BioEDIBLES – Manufacturing Food Products, BioDRINKS – Infused Juices, Teas, Coffee and Extract Drinks.

MJ Biopharma has recently announced the appointment of Dr. William Panenka, MD in the role of Chair for the Company’s Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). Pursue Clinical Testing of Cannabinoids for Therapeutics.  

Dr. Panenka has extensive knowledge on the mental and physical health of the body, he initiated a research ‘fellowship’ in 2011 that focused on the impact on the brain as it is under drug use, addiction, and traumatic brain injury.  Where as in 2012, he became a researched at Harvard University and was recruited to the University of British Columbia in 2013 as assistant professor in psychiatry. 

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