Zika Virus Raised To Emergency Status In Brazil

Brazil is now in the limelight for a potential epidemic that could threaten the existence of thousands of people, especially Brazilians. The World Health Organization has just declared the Zika virus, which is a mosquito-borne virus, to be on emergency mode, which could threaten several people. The Brazilian Health Minister has put the nation’s resources on high alert in order to look into the potential epidemic. Experts state that the virus could be life-threatening, especially when it came to comparing it to the Ebola outbreak as of last year.

Zika effects

There is a growing fear amongst the general South American continent, as people fear it may have spread to various other areas a lot quicker than anticipated. The Zika virus does not display any recognizable and typical symptoms as of yet. Experts are still trying to determine the actual symptom display. Experts also maintain that pregnant women are particularly susceptible to the virus. The virus is known to be onerous for developing infants in the fetus. Reports state that the cases studied so far have resulted in low brain activity and function, if not deformed brains.

In addition to all worries, there has not been any vaccine or any sort of mollifying cure for the virus as yet. It is also virtually impossible to diagnose as of the current scenario. The origin of the virus is said to have come in from Africa or Oceania, where the virus is endemic. Most experts speculate that the 2014 FIFA World Cup could have been the cause for mass dissemination of the virus. The virus was first discovered in the year 1947 and was never given as much attention as it was never a threat in its previous form. However, new strands of DNA research has deduced that the virus seems to have espoused a more vicious form.

Political and national ramifications

Over one million people have been affected by the disease. This brings in a lot more strain to the Brazilian government, especially under President Dilma Rousseff, whose approval ratings have been plummeting ever since the FIFA scandal had rocked Brazil, and the economy of the nation seems to have tanked. Brazil’s coveted spot on the world economic rankings seems to be falling quickly. The additional strain of the Zika virus may create drastic pressure on the national economy leading it to collapse. Researchers are still working towards a cure along with experts from all over the world.

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