100 Days of Trump – Facts and Figures

The first 100 days of any new presidency is an important and is the time period within which a President normally defines and sets the path for the remaining 4 years. It is the first landmark and here is a quick roundup of Trump’s first 100 days in office.

The Trump Presidency started dark. He made the country look like a crime ridden mess that needed his intervention to become great again. He claimed everything was down in the dumps and that he is going to bring life back into the country.

The following week, he claimed that there was no feud with the intelligence agencies even though he publicly compared them to the ones that were active in WWII Nazi Germany. The same week, he made claims that he had the largest crowd for the inauguration ever and that he had the widest electoral-college win- both false statements.

He then went on to claim that Hillary committed voter fraud and that Obama had his wires tapped. He also took credit for jobs that were created before he took office.

After Flynn leaves the White house, Trumps slams the media for treating him unfairly, calling them dishonest.


Trump claims that ACA is dead and that more than half of Tennessee has no cover- false. He also claimed that the best and brightest minds have left medicine because of it- false. There has been an 8% increase in the number of physicians since the ACA was established.   

Proposes a replacement plan gets panned by both parties. He could not get it passed in spite of the fact that Republicans control the floor. The Freedom Caucus sinks it. While a new plan is in the works, it is still unclear whether it will actually work

Tax reforms, trade, and the wall

A number of travel bans were ordered on 6 Muslim countries and they were universally panned for being separatist. Illegal immigrant entry through the southern border drops to a 17 year low fueled by the Trump rhetoric. Trump insists that wall will be built. Major tax reforms saw a lot of the richest getting tax cuts including corporate taxes that were cut to 15%. The TPP was withdrawn and Trump has threatened to withdraw from the NAFTA.

Trump’s greatest win was with Neil Gorsuch who he successfully appointed as a ‘like minded person’ in the bench.   

Congress passes a stop gap bill to prevent the shutdown on the 100th day.

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