197th House District Seat in Pennsylvania may have no Democratic candidate

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives already has a majority of Republicans and this is pushing the Democrats to up the ante for seats here. However, this has just become a far more difficult task after a judge ruled that their candidate for the 197th House seat cannot contest. The reason given is that the candidate, one Mr. Frederick Ramirez, does not actually reside in the district. This has thrown a wrench in the Democrat plans and quite a large one, at that. If the ‘ban’ does hold, the Democrats have no candidate in the filed for the elections.

Candidate problems in a Democrat stronghold

The candidate ban is really very unfortunate for the Democrats coming as it does in a stronghold for them. This district is Latino heavy and about 85% of the voters are pro- Democrats, which means that the party’s candidate here has a sure shot chance of winning. With the field being left clear for Lucinda Little from the Republican party, the situation has created all sorts of complications not only for the party but also for the voters. The fact is that it was expected the public would vote heavily in favor of Democrats here in a bid to show their disenchantment with President Trump.

A flood of bad news for Democrats

The Democrats have not been enjoying a favorable time in Pennsylvania of late. In fact, they lost some significant points in 2016 in the state legislature and Pat Rooney upset their plans for a win. More recently, many Democrats have been facing legal action with allegations of corruption. In an interesting twist in the tale, Leslie Acosta, who occupied the 197th seat was forced to leave her office after she accepted charges of felony embezzlement last year. Meanwhile, the ‘banned’ Democratic candidate, Frederick Ramirez is all set to defend himself because he claims that this is a political move designed to get him out of the way.

An appeal to the Supreme Court is an option open to Ramirez. Otherwise, the Democrats can field another candidate in his place here. However, time is of essence here and with elections coming up in less than a month, the Democrats will have to tread carefully in deciding upon their plan of action so that they do not give up the seat without a fight.

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