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3 Life Changing Hacks for Frequent Travellers

For a few travellers, travelling becomes a lot stressful. All of this happens because of the immense preparation involved in the travel process. We understand that a lot is involved in planning, that it makes us feel so exhausted even before the journey even begins. Looking at this, we have come up a few life-changing travel hacks which can be immensely helpful for frequent travellers.

Hopefully, on following these hacks, your travel will only be stress-free. Please know that when we were creating these hacks, we aimed to help all of you travellers be free from stress. We wish to help you be anxiety-free and least stressed about planning and executing a journey. So, we hope that your journeys will only get better from now on.

Get first class tickets at the most affordable rates

Not many people know that airline miles are sold. If you didn’t know this, let us tell you that you can sell your airline miles for cash. So, now, on selling off your airline miles to mileage brokers you can earn a good amount of cash.

Of course, this is something, that none of the airlines appreciates but fret not, this practice is 100% legal in all states of America, except Utah. However, if you think that you can sell off your airline miles, the first and the foremost thing that you need to do is find a mileage broker who is reliable and is ready to accept your air miles for a bit of cash.  

Now, the big question that might be in all of your minds is why do these mileage brokers buy these frequent flyer miles. Well, the thing is that these mileage brokers take the miles from you, and then use the same to buy discounted tickets of first-class in the flights. Many might not know, but the price of a business class ticket is certainly cheaper with miles than it is with cash.

So, now, you have two options. One you can either sell away your airline miles to a mileage broker or buy some airline miles and travel in a first-class at a cheaper price. Irrespective of what you opt for, using the airline miles is certainly the best way to get yourself premium tickets in an airline at cheaper rates. Robert, an expert offering assignment help and do my homework services, says that he has used his airline miles to buy himself a business class ticket at an incredibly affordable price. 

Enjoy stopover city tours at no extra price

Usually, the flights that you get with the stopover are cheaper than the other flights. It is primarily because the direct flights are time-saving and help you get to your destination faster. However, what if we share with you some secret about this? You can prolong your stopover for more than 8 hours, and that would give you the luxury to explore a completely newer city for a day. Yes, this might sound crazy to you, it sure is, but there are airlines, like the Turkish Airlines and the Emirates, which have started this. It is done to increase the amount of footfall in the parent city. There was a promotion going on by the Turkish Airlines where it went ahead and started paying for the tourist’s 2-night stay in a hotel. Even Qatar Airways adapted this suit, under which it offers you a free stay in the hotel amidst the stopover. Natasha, associated with leading platform EssayWriter4U and TrumpLearning, says that she loves stopovers because it gives her a chance to explore two different countries by paying for only one.

Sign up or Subscribe for alerts on price slashes

You must have noticed that the airline ticket prices constantly fluctuate. So, if you are planning a vacation, even six months from now, you should sign up for price alerts for your destination. There are some popular websites like Skyscanner that you can use for price alerts. Hence, every time there is even a slight drop in the ticket price, the website sends you a notification. Some apps do the same job. If you are a frequent traveller, you should certainly have these applications on your phone to always be updated about the price slashes.