4 Reasons To Work In The Finance Industry

When you start looking for work, whether it is your first job or you have decided to switch careers for whatever reason, you might be baffled by the sheer amount of choice available. Depending, of course, on your experience, skills, and in some cases your qualifications, you can choose almost any career to go into.

Since that is the case, have you considered working in the finance industry? There are many reasons why this is a good career move, so read on to find out more about them and make your decision.

A Diverse Career

The umbrella term ‘finance industry’ is potentially misleading. It doesn’t show the vast range of diverse careers within the industry that are open to those looking for something interesting, worthwhile, and often well paid.

There are lots of different options, and that means that no matter what your particular skill set might be, there will be a job in finance that will suit you. Finance analysts need to be great at problem-solving, for example. Account managers must be good at business and with people. Financial planners look at the long term prospects and plan ahead. Take what you are good at and match to a finance job for a great career.

Remember that this means you will need to tailor your resume and cover letter to suit the specific position you are applying for – a general one that simply covers finance in the broader sense won’t stand out. Look at LiveCareer for example of how to get this right.

Fast Paced Environment

Although certainly not for everyone, working in a truly fast-paced environment such as you will find in the finance industry can be ideal for some. It is thrilling, exciting, and makes going to work every day something to look forward to.

As well as this, the career advancement opportunities are impressive. There will always be a position to move up into since advancement happens quickly. This also means that there will always be entry level positions available that need to be filled by those willing to work hard.

Meaningful Work

When you think ‘finance’ you automatically think ‘money’ and that can lead to ideas of greed and so on. However, in many cases, this is not an accurate depiction of the finance industry, and many people who work in it are not – ironically – motivated by money as much as they are motivated by the idea of helping others. This is what they go to work for, and the fact that they will generally be well paid for it is a bonus.

You might be in a position to help the economy in real terms, or you might be able to advise someone on how to invest for their future or help them to buy a house. People will always be grateful for your assistance.

Well Paid

We’ve mentioned it a few times within this article, and there is no getting away from it – the finance industry is a well paid sector to get into. It will depend on exactly which area you want to work in, what level you are at, and a variety of other factors, but the salaries commanded in this industry are above average and will certainly keep you comfortable.

  1. Helen Rubio 2 weeks ago

    there is huge demand for work in the finance industry, which makes it very competitive.

    • Fernando Salazar 2 weeks ago

      If you get left behind, or behind on work, it’s much tougher to keep up. Sometimes you have to take the few days that you have free to reset and relax.

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