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5 Ways Blockchain PR Can Skyrocket Your Business

Quality PR speaks for itself, amplifying the voice of startups who might otherwise sail beneath the radar and solidifying the brand identity of already established companies. The world of cryptocurrencies is no different, which is why employing a dedicated blockchain PR firm is a no-brainer for ambitious projects seeking to reach their full potential.

If you’ve ever contemplated hiring an end-to-end PR firm, it’s probably because you’ve grown frustrated at the lack of response to your lovingly-crafted messages. Perhaps the partnerships you hoped to make were elusive, or you simply crave some focus in your storytelling and event organization. Whatever the case may be, quality PR can deliver valuable publicity, paying for itself many times over. Here are five ways in which blockchain PR could take your business to the next level.

By reaching new audiences

Well-executed PR campaigns achieve many objectives, not least increasing organic search traffic to help companies attract customers, users, and investors. 

While search engine optimization (SEO) and PR are technically two different things, many strong blockchain PR firms now devote attention to the SEO side of things. It’s also the case that good PR – the kind that gets your announcement or story covered by multiple leading news outlets – results in more inbound links, which increases your Domain Authority and gives a nice boost to your SEO.

Getting eyeballs on your website, brochure, social media profile, or press release increases the likelihood of a sale, social share, enquiry or follow. Providing, of course, the quality of content is high. Which brings us nicely to our next point…

By sharpening your message

Whether your blockchain project is concerned with governance, currency, border control, supply chain, healthcare or some other vertical, the messaging needs to be right. You might know why you do what you do, but unless you can use winning words to convey knowledge and passion to the masses, the only response you’ll elicit is a shrug. Especially given the competitiveness of the crypto sector. 

And that’s where a full-service blockchain PR agency comes in. Typically composed of tech journalists and PR specialists, as well as content executives and comms managers, their business model depends on getting stories published in top-tier publications (websites, magazines, newspapers) and generating a buzz.

By increasing sales enquiries

Businesses need customers the way bees need pollen. Not only will an experienced PR agency raise awareness for your project, but they’ll craft your messaging in such a way as to engender sales enquiries and boost your bottom line.

By reducing ad spend

Advertising can be effective. It can also be exorbitantly expensive. PR is a much more cost-effective use of budget, with press releases costing a fraction of paid ads. While there will always be room for advertising, getting the balance right is key. 

By countering negative sentiment

No business likes the idea of bad press. But with one tweet from a high-profile account, reputations that took years to build can be torn down in a matter of hours. Thankfully, PR agencies are well versed at managing troublesome conversations and helping blockchain businesses emerge with their hard-won esteem. Whether it’s a damning review, a derisory blog, or an angry vlog, online negativity can cause companies undue stress and, if managed poorly, harm a brand’s reputation. Leave it to the experts.

“Build it and they will come” or “Write it and they will read” is not a long-term strategy or indeed any kind of strategy. PR foot soldiers do the dirty work, making the phone calls and writing the emails that get blockchain startups the press coverage they deserve. If you need help in the trenches, consider making PR your go-to weapon.