A Bloody Friday in Germany

Last Friday, it was the Turkey military that shocked the world. So many people died and injured during the uprising. Same day on Friday this week, Germany experienced another bloody day. The shooting in Munich Shopping Center left many people killed and injured.

A Munich police officer confirmed a shooting took place at the Olympia park shopping center. She wouldn’t confirm media reports that at least one person died. Munich police also said a large police operation was still under way at the shopping mall, with the mall currently being evacuated.

A police spokeswoman said the shopping center was being evacuated and that the “danger is possibly not over.”

The perpetrator or perpetrators were possibly still in or near the building, she said. Witness comments indicated there was more than one attacker, she said. The first emergency call came in at 5:53 p.m. local time, she added.

Munich police urged people to avoid the area. “Remain in your apartments,” the police said via Twitter. “Leave the street!”

A worker of a restaurant across the street from the shopping center said by phone that the police had called and asked for the doors to be locked.

“No one can come in here anymore,” the man, who gave his name as Francesco, said. “And the guests cannot leave.”

Last Friday, the military uprising blocked the bridge and tried to take control of city in Turkey. People recorded videos which showed many tanks and helicopters around the city. Concerns about people’s safety are rising and so does it in US. Several protests from “Black Lives Matter” are out of control. Dallas shooting is really the most horrible one. Now, the weak economy combined with social conflicts are waving the world. Clearly, not everyone is satisfied with the world he lives in. 

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