A.M. BestTV: United States Needs Disaster Policy, Say NAMIC Executives

In this A.M.BestTV episode, Chuck Chamness, president and
chief executive officer, and Jimi Grande, senior vice president, both of
the National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (NAMIC), said the
U.S. government’s response to disasters has been inconsistent and driven
by politics. Click on http://www.ambest.com/v.asp?v=chamnessgrande618
to view the entire program.

Chamness and Grande said they believe that focusing on resilience and
establishing a policy would substantially help to solve the problem.

“Today too often, we have situations like post-Superstorm Sandy where we
have a regional group of state delegations from the affected area asking
us to help them rebuild,” said Chamness. “When that happens, you then
have a federal response organized through Congress and done through a
special appropriation, which is very political, not very well-planned
and often very wasteful.”

“Presently, we are working with Washington to try to start to shift some
of their resources from post-disaster to pre-disaster,” said Grande. “We
could have places that were devastated, like Houston and Rockport,
rebuild using modern science and techniques to survive storms, as well
as mitigate the amount of damage and the loss of life and property.”

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