Abundance of Tributes for John Glenn, Astronaut and Senator

There were many tributes for John Glenn, the former astronaut after his death on December 8. He was 95 years old. Glenn was also a Democratic Party Senator during his political career. President Barack Obama said that when in 962 the astronaut turned Senator lifted off the Cape Canaveral space station on an Atlas Rocket, he took the hopes of all the nation to heights previously unknown. Obama reminded the American people that Americans can accomplish anything with a dash of courage and a thirst for discovery. The death of Glenn compels inhabitants of the earth to keep reaching towards heaven.

Godspeed John Glenn

Educators, politicians, astronauts and many others termed him a hero. During his funeral, many mentioned the now near iconic phase which was said to him while going to orbital space: “Godspeed John Glenn”. President Barack Obama signed off with the same phase as well.

Republican and President-elect Donald Trump was not far behind. He described the former astronaut as a pioneer of space and a hero. The President-elect said that Glenn was a heroic figure and will inspire many future explorers across different generations. Former US presidents also praised the hero. George H.W Bush tweeted that Glenn’s inspirational leadership in the space program led to many useful discoveries.

Peer praise

Glenn’s fellow astronauts praised him. Buzz Aldrin, a former astronaut himself and the second man to walk on the moon, said that he regarded Glenn as second only to the iconic Yuri Gagarin, and he will be regarded in history as one the more influential officers serving in Marine Corps and one of the astronauts engaged in the Mercury 7 program. Charles Bolden, the administrator of NASA, said that the former astronaut has extraordinary courage, humanity, intellect, and patriotism. These qualities are signs of greatness. His missions have led the way to future manned missions to Mars and asteroids.

The US military noted the demise as well. The Marine Corps said that John Glenn, who held the lieutenant position in the army, was a legend in his own right. Not far back in the praise array was John Kasich, the Ohio Governor. He said that Glenn will always be the hometown hero of Ohio and his death is a time for grievance. The academic community has also mourned the loss. Micheal Drake, the State President of Ohio, said that the community of Ohio State University deeply mourns the death of Glenn.

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