Acquisition of Units of Crius Energy Trust

TORONTO, May 15, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Credit Suisse Securities (Canada), Inc. (“CSSC”) announces that it acquired 92,600 trust units (“Units”) of Crius Energy Trust (the “Issuer”) on May 14, 2019 at a price of CDN$8.70 per Unit, representing an aggregate price of CDN$805,620, which represents approximately 0.16% of the issued and outstanding Units of the Issuer. Immediately before the acquisition, CSSC held 6,734,300 Units, which represent approximately 11.90% of the issued and outstanding Units of the Issuer. Immediately following the acquisition, CSSC held 6,826,900 Units of the Issuer, which represent approximately 12.06% of the issued and outstanding Units of the Issuer and as of the date of this media release, CSSC has ownership and control of 6,840,100 Units of the Issuer, which represent approximately 12.08% of the issued and outstanding Units of the Issuer.

CSSC acquired the Units through the Toronto Stock Exchange for hedging and other investment purposes in the normal course of its business and not with the purpose of influencing the control or direction of the Issuer. CSSC holds the Units as principal and is the sole beneficial owner of the Units. Additionally, the decision on whether/how to vote the Units is made solely by CSSC (i.e., there is no influence from, nor any solicitation of the voting preferences of, third parties). CSSC may in the future, subject to market conditions, make additional investments in or dispositions of the Issuer’s securities for hedging and other investment purposes. However, CSSC does not intend to acquire 20% or more of the outstanding securities of the Issuer.

This news release is issued by CSSC pursuant to the requirements of National Instrument 62‐103 The Early Warning System and Related TakeOver Bid and Insider Reporting Issues. Further details regarding the acquisition of the Units described above and a copy of the early warning report filed under applicable Canadian securities laws in connection with the acquisition are available on the Issuer’s profile on SEDAR at or to obtain a copy of the early warning report filed in conjunction with this news release, please contact Karina Byrne.

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