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Activists Brush away Hillary Clinton’s Fundraising Requests

Hilary, Clinton, Sugar-Coated, Leaking, Information, Hillary Clinton probably had several lessons to learn from the surprising defeat she faced in the year 2008. However, she is repeating every mistake yet again by standing as the overconfident and unavoidable nominee. Her speeches are diplomatic and sugar-coated, and her larger-than-life campaign team is busy leaking information about one another in the media.

Mary Tetreau, who is an activist in New Hampshire, was fed up of the nagging emails that were asking for funds to help a candidate in the month of November. The candidate was not even officially declared as a potential runner for the office util then. She received another plea prior to the election. Tetreau was reported saying that she would not be prepared for Hillary till she declared that she was standing for the post of president in the forthcoming election. Mary Tetreau has been a veteran of three decades in the field of politics in New Hampshire.

No official declaration for Hillary

Three months down the line, there is still no official declaration with regards to Hillary Clinton’s candidature. Even then, her so called ‘campaign’ and emails related to it consistently reach the Democratic activists’ mailboxes in the states where voting is to take place.

Bill Verge, who is an activist in the Democratic Party, declared that he would only be up for supporting Hillary when she is ready. He played a significant role in the campaign designed for John Kerry in New Hampshire in 2004. Similar to what was expressed by Tetreau, Bill Verge also mentioned being attacked with daily emails. He calls himself a supporter of Hillary, but mentioned that he is not enthused by the forceful fundraising activity.

Chaos situation for 2016 election

As far as the big picture of the upcoming election in 2016 is concerned, it amounts to a grand nuisance and indicates a loophole in the strategy devised by Clinton, that is to remain aloof and away from the public eye till her staff runs the campaign for her.

The delay in making an official announcement regarding the presidential nomination puts a greater burden on ‘Ready for Hillary’ a PAC, with respect to Hillary raising funds. The money is needed to keep operating for a longer period of time than what was planned earlier. This week, the worry regarding fundraising activity in the political circle of Clinton came out into the open when David Brock decided to resign from the team of board members comprising Clinton’s major supporters.