Advancing Women in Product Rebrands to Shape New Generation of Product Leaders

the organization empowering quality female and male tech leaders through
equality of opportunity, is rebranding on the heels of significant
momentum. The organization is expanding to three major cities, launching
a partnership with the Wharton School of Business and establishing new
programs to boost the networks and careers of product managers (PMs) and
more broadly, women in tech.

AWIP is addressing disparity and diversity issues in tech and education
from the inside out, starting with PMs. Founded in 2017 by Nancy Wang,
lead PM at Rubrik, former venture capital partner at California
Technology Ventures and Google PM, and an emeritus member, Deepika
Yerragunta, senior PM at Amazon Alexa, AWIP is a community dedicated to
implementing equality in the tech sector. AWIP recognizes that PMs are
at the core of every tech organization. The organization’s mentorships,
skills training, panels, executive summits and other programs empower
product managers of all genders and career levels.

“The tech industry will only advance when we empower diverse
leadership,” said Nancy Wang, co-founder, CEO and lead PM at Rubrik. “By
inspiring women and men to reach their highest achievements as PMs, AWIP
is setting the stage for a new kind of meritocracy in tech.”

Equality Catches On: Growth and Momentum at AWIP

A community of passionate product managers, VCs, product designers,
marketers and engineers who are committed to fostering the next
generation of tech leaders, AWIP under CEO Nancy Wang’s leadership has
seen 2,000 percent growth (to 3,000+ members, with its largest
membership coming from the Bay Area, but also with member groups
distributed across the U.S., North America, Europe and Asia). Community
members are empowered to land prized product – and tech jobs through
AWIP’s mentorship and skills-based workshops, ultimately building a
self-sustaining ecosystem by which advancement and placement are
meritocratic and hiring decisions are made considering diversity.

Expanded programs and events: AWIP believes that real change
requires concrete, skills-based training, regardless of seniority. An
ambassador program, resume review with real-life recruiters from the top
companies in tech and executive mentorships are among AWIP’s suite of
offerings. The organization plans to launch more than 30 annual events,
including seminars titled “Achieving Virality in Consumer Products” and
“Cloud SaaS Products for Hyperscale” in addition to their annual
executive summit, an executive speaker series and a career fair. Current
AWIP ambassadors include: Dan
Scheinman, Ron
Hirson, Sarika
Garg, Shubha
Govil, James
Morehead, Tatyana
Mamut, Rei
Wang, Nitin
Julka, Shruti
Bhat, Bo
Ren, Kate
Zhang, Neetika
Bansal, Sandhya
Hedge, Aarthi
Srinivasan, Arum
Kang, Albert
Chen and Inga

New locations: Based in San Francisco, AWIP is opening new
locations in Seattle, Washington D.C., Boston, South Bay of San
Francisco, Paris and Toronto, hotbeds of tech and diversity—both
domestic and abroad.

Partners and sponsors: Officially sponsored by Yelp, AWIP has
also partnered with organizations and representatives from the Wharton
School of Business, Pinterest, Workday, WeWork, Facebook and others. To
see a full
donor list visit the website.

The current AWIP Executive Leadership Board consists of: Roshni
Uppala (COO), Tatyana
Mamut (Executive Director of Culture & Design Thinking), Sandhya
Hegde (Director of Executive Programming), Shubha
Govil (Director of Female Founders Program), Aakrit
Prasad (Director of Programming), Gordon
Yu (Director of Partnerships & Legal), Patrick
Yang (Director of Ambassadors Program), and David
Cheng (Director of Content Strategy).

Quotes from AWIP’s Executive Advisory Board

“This is the right organization at exactly the right time,” said Dan
Scheinman, former senior vice president at Cisco and board director at
Zoom, SentinelOne and Arista Networks.

“The future is being built by tech firms in Silicon Valley and beyond.
Women—who make up over 50 percent of the human population and 60 percent
of graduates with advanced degrees—must be in powerful product roles
where decisions are made,” said Tatyana Mamut, former general manager of
AWS, vice president of product at Salesforce, and senior director at
IDEO. “Our future depends on advancing women in product and in power. We
cannot delay.”

“If you want to go far, go together,” said Sandhya Hegde, director of
product at Amplitude, venture capitalist at Khosla Ventures. “AWIP is
bringing tech women with great potential together and we will go very
far indeed.”

About AWIP

Co-founded by two Google and Amazon PMs, Advancing Women in Product
(AWIP) empowers tech leaders through equality of opportunity in career
advancement for both men and women. AWIP believes in the power of equal
opportunity to propel the technology industry forward. To learn more and
to join AWIP, visit,
on Twitter, and @AdvancingWomenInProduct
on Facebook.

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