Age old Political Tradition will be cut In France

It is not quite clear yet who will win the elections in France but one thing that is already quite evident is that the French people are determined to cut their ties with tradition. There is no question that they are heavily disillusioned with what the traditional contenders have been delivering in the country's most powerful positions. A fallout from this disillusionment that both the Socialists, who were in the position of power and Republicans with their more conservative political stance are simply not what the nation seeks, anymore. The massive defeat has made it clear that the people's mandate is for a change of the old order.

Big day in May7th

The two top contenders, Le Pen and Macron are gearing up for their runoff round on May 7th. It does seem that Macron is the front- runner after he got the maximum number of votes among the 11 candidates he was running along with.  If he does win, Macron will be the youngest ever to become the president of France. In addition, he is also a surprise candidate to some degree considering that he has never held any kind of elective office before and he also lacks a political party of his own. Readers will remember that Macron left the government formed by President François Hollande where he was Economic minister to start up the En Marche movement.

Facing off against Le Pen 

The prelims show that Macron has 23.9% of the votes and Le Pen pulled in 21.7%, making it a  rather close call for both candidates, It is close enough to give rise to many doubts about whether Macron can actually write Le Pen off as a strong contender and the answer seems to be 'No'. It must be noted that all votes have not been counted and some significant areas like Paris have yet to be counted in the fray. These could result in the margin between Macron and Le Pen widening by a good bit, and in Macron's favor.

Le Pen has been proving to be a tough contender, and in her own right, she has been making waves too. One of the most significant positives for her is that she has managed to draw in more support for her National Front that it has even seen in its history, no mean achievement at all.

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