Ahead of Trump UN Visit, World Leaders Anxious

President Trump will be at the United Nations this week and this appears to be giving many world leaders much food for thought. From reports, it seems that the leaders with whom Trump has meetings scheduled are not the only ones who are a bit anxious about the interaction; others are worried too. The concerns seem to be stemming from the unpredictable behavior that President Trump has created a reputation for displaying.

Concern about global security

In the context of North Korea's missile testing and continuous statements of aggression about launching missiles at the U.S. and the U.S. allies, concerns about world security are legitimate, but the fact is that Trump's visit to the UN has only given more cause for such concern. The President has not remained silent about North Korea and his speech about responding to North Korea with 'fire and fury' did not have quite the result that he may have desired. Instead, it only served to further aggravate the situation and ended with Kim Jong Un testing a few more missiles. That was not the last of Trump's provocation to Kim Jong Un. As recently as last week, the President posted a mocking tweet about The North Korean leader, calling him Rocket Man. Trump's inclination to use Twitter to launch a war of words at the least provocation has prompted much criticism from all over the world about his ability to handle such sensitive issues ably.

Earlier appearance at global summit did not go well

This will be Trump's first appearance at the United Nations, but he has made appearances at other global summits after he assumed charge as the President of the United States. Unfortunately, he failed to make a very good impression on any of these prior occasions. At the UN, Trump is expected to convince world leaders to back him up against North Korea. He is also said to have an agenda of criticizing the nuclear deal that had been done by former President Barak Obama and highlight the issues that are continuing to plague Venezuela. Some also believe that Trump may speak about the member payments for UN projects. No matter what the President of the United States is talking about, the focus will also be on the way he is presenting his thoughts given that he has a penchant for use of aggressive language and stance.

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