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Airbnb Will Set Rental Limits in London and Amsterdam

On Thursday, Airbnb Inc. announced a new rule regarding the number of days that hosts can rent their homes. In the statement, the company said that the limit for London is 90 days per year, and in Amsterdam, the limit is 60 days a year. Hosts will need a license to rent their houses if the renting days exceeded that limit.

The agreement was made after long negotiation with Amsterdam city government, which set 60-day-per-year rule for renting home to tourists a few years ago. After the enforcement of the rule, Amsterdam city government wishes that it will prevent long-term rentals and make the houses available to local residents.

Starting on January 2017, there will be a day counter on the website of Airbnb in Amsterdam, and new bookings will not be accepted as long as the renting days is more than 60 days in a year.

“We want to be good partners for everyone in [Amsterdam] and ensure home sharing grows responsibly and sustainably,” said James McClure, the general manager of Airbnb for Northern Europe.

“We have been in discussion with London Boroughs to understand their concerns about enforcing existing legislation and this move by Airbnb is a very positive and sensible step forward,” said James Murray, the deputy London mayor for housing and residential development.

The company refused to talk about the influence of the announcement on its revenue or disclose the percentage of the listings went beyond the limits. Currently, London, New York, and Paris is the top three revenue generators, and Amsterdam is among the top six in Europe.