Airbus Creates the First Electric Airplane Race with Air Race E

Airbus (OTC: EADSY) announced a global partnership with Air Race E. The Air Race E competition aims to push the initiative for the adoption of faster, eco-friendly and more technologically advanced electric engines.

The first electric plane race will be held in 2020 and will grow into an annual series of races around the world. The competition will include eight electric-powered airplanes that will race directly against each other 10 meters above the ground on a 5-km circuit.

“We couldn’t be happier or more optimistic for success with Airbus as our Official Founding Partner. This partnership is a significant milestone in the evolution of electric power in aviation. Together, we’re working to create a mainstream platform in which innovation in electric propulsion can be developed, nurtured, and accelerated more rapidly,” said Air Race E CEO Jeff Zaltman.

Air Race E is the only organization in the world to bring together all the components for an international electric air race. The Company has already brought the Air Race 1 series to the market as well as other high-profile aviation events.

“We want to motivate manufacturers to showcase their technologies across the full spectrum of electric propulsion systems and components,” said Chief Technology Officer of Airbus, Grazia Vittadini. “This partnership enables us to demonstrate our commitment to staying at the leading edge of electric propulsion and developing a new ecosystem.”

Airbus will also collaborate with the University of Nottingham, which is currently developing a prototype airplane powered by an electric motor, battery and power electronics system.

  1. Ash Williams 7 months ago

    There are speeches on #UE: Chance for European nations, engine to resist China/USA, tool to build #Airbus X or Y and too often there are facts: competition law is about the need to train European giants

  2. Peter S. 7 months ago

    With both #Emirates & #Qantas dropping the #A380 it’s all but certain that #Airbus will have to prepare for a lot of pain on the A380 program. Airlines just can’t drop them fast enough it seems.. this after VS/SQ/AF all decided to let go of the whale jet

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