Airbus Deliveries Hit Record High in 2016

Airbus Group SE posted a record high deliveries in 2016, thanks to a last-minute surge in orders in the last month of the year. The European plane-maker announced Wednesday it delivered 688 planes in 2016, compared with 635 in 2015. The company had a forecast of more than 650 for the year. The result was also above analysts’ target of 670.

Deliveries rebounded in December after some issues with engines and cabin equipment in the supply chain. The company said it booked 320 jetliner orders in December. 98 aircrafts were sold to Iran Air and 72 went to Airlines India Pvt. While more than 100 orders sold to unidentified customers.

“We are essentially sold out at this point,” Airbus sales chief John Leahy said in a televised briefing on the numbers. “That doesn’t mean we can’t increase our production, and we will next year and the year after. We have to build what we already have orders for, not worry about getting new orders.”

Boeing, the world’s biggest aircraft manufacturer, delivered 748 aircraft and took 668 net of cancellations last year.

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