Airlines Suffer from Delays After System Fails

Airlines all around the world were forced to delay flights due to a network issue within in a global flight bookings system operated by Amadeus IT Group SA. Airlines including Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd., British Airways, Deutsche Lufthansa AG, and Qantas Airways Ltd. were affected and check in processes were held as well in Singapore’s Changi airport where a technical problem caused boarding passes to be issued manually. More than 130 airlines around the world use Amadeus’ Altea passenger service system that helps manage flight reservations, departure control capabilities, as well as inventory. The company made a strong impact in Europe but less in the U.S and can now confirm that systems are recovered and now functioning normally.

Four months ago, British Airways experienced a similar situation where a power loss and computer crash led to grounding of flights for more than 75,000 passengers which cost the airline $77 million. Carriers are urge to review their booking mechanisms given the recent events that have been happening.

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