Alabama and President Trump

Things are going great for Alabama. It is getting back exactly what it gave. The state provided full-throated support for Trump. The now-president was supported by a substantial margin in Republican Primary by Alabama. The state also helped him get the GOP nomination. It then gave Trump one of the biggest mandates in the 2016 presidential election. The president, in turn, is returning the favor.

Jeff Sessions and Bill Pryor

Trump has named Jeff Sessions as the US Attorney General. The latter's confirmation hearings start during the fourth week of April. Speculation is rife that yet another Alabama resident, Bill Pryor, is on the shortlist to be nominated to the US Supreme Court. The president has nominated him to fill the specific vacancy which exists on the court of late Antonin Scalia. Right now, Pryor sits on Atlanta's 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. He is only 54 years old. Pryor has previously served as the Alabama Attorney General for seven years (1997 to 2004). He has the distinction of being the youngest Attorney General of the US states at that time. President George W. Bush appointed him to the federal bench in 2005. He has an excellent conservative record of the 11 years spent on the federal bench.

It is a happy coincidence that the milestones of both Sessions and Pryor are similar. Both of them are from Mobile and both once served as Alabama's Attorney General. Both follow a conservative philosophy and pedigree. It helped those two are good friends and have similar viewpoints. This could be the reason Pryor is on the shortlist collected by Trump for High Court.

Strange shows the way

Luther Strange, the Alabama Attorney General, is slated to be the frontrunner for the Senate seat which became vacant after Sessions exited the post. Luther is a veteran, having won three statewide races. Many members of the Alabama public know his name and recognize him. It also helps that he knows how Washington works. The initial 20 years of professional career has been spent in professional career lobbying. He then came back to Alabama and ran for secondary statewide office. It was during this time he laid down the groundwork for moving back to Washington as a US Senator. He was waiting for the time Sessions and his friend Shelby would either retire or move on. No wonder he moved fast when Sessions went up to take his new seat in Washington.

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