Alibaba Acquires Data Artisans for USD 103 Million

Chinese e-commerce Alibaba (NYSE: BABA) has acquired Berlin-based stream processing startup Data Artisans (dA) for EUR 90 Million, or about USD 103 Million in order to enhance data processing for developers.

Alibaba announced the partnership in a blog post Tuesday, with its intended purpose of enhancing the Apache Flink, a user-friendly open source stream processing platform especially beneficial for big businesses. Kostas Tzoumas and Stephan Ewan, the cofounders of dA, also announced in a blog post that it has merged with Alibaba to “build a new initiative around Big Data open source technologies.” The two companies have been working together since 2016 with Alibaba supporting the architecture and performance of Flink.

Data Artisans was founded in 2014 and designed for “enabling real-time applications for the modern enterprise.” It raised USD 6.5 Million over two financing rounds with the most recent one in a Series A during 2016 led by Intel, and according to the dA blog post, seemed to have worked with Alibaba in an unannounced Series B.

Alibaba’s expansion into open source and infrastructure technology isn’t strange, since the company’s claim to fame is through its e-commerce, cloud business, streaming services, etc. and with its most recent net profit of USD 2.66 Billion on a revenue of USD 12.4 Billion in its last quarterly earnings.

Alibaba’s share price closed on Tuesday at USD 146.79, up 2.58% from its previous close after the news.

  1. Darlene Gibson 6 months ago

    $BABA looks like 160 may be in the docket & the 200sma is at 170 let’s watch the action and after this chart it may be time to start a new thread what do you think?
    Baaaaba Booeeeey no punk intended

    • Vanessa Louie 6 months ago

      $baba loadup boys to the moon. Kill the short n Put holders. Definitely not going down this wk

    • John Herzing 6 months ago

      Certainly this is not the place to initiate long on $BABA even if it goes up from here, it is a bad risk trade

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